"We have candy!"


Level 9 Human Warlock


Due to the slaughter of his entire clan, Darvon suffers memory loss of what exactly happened that day. He also lost much memory of his childhood and specific details retaining to his clan. The only thing that remains of his clan is the mysterious tattoo covering half of Darvon’s neck. The key thing that burns in his mind is the vision of a girl; jet black hair and golden eyes. Living his early adolescence as an abandoned wanderer, Darvon learned the art of swordplay on his own in order to survive the harsh environment. He gained a small reputation as a mercenary for hire around local towns and would perform multiple jobs; be it retrieving stolen goods for a merchant to even killing a rival of his employer. It wasn’t until Darvon was hired along with Grish’rum, Elincia, and Gebble to investigate a local kobold infested cave did he start finding his true path in life.

After slaying the dragon whelp at the back of the cave, Darvon came upon a rather cryptic sword. Unknown to him, the blade was slowly corrupting his mind giving him the desire to kill anything and anyone. The swords influence became so great that Darvon took the lives of four innocent civilians in the town of Shadowgate. He was on the verge of losing himself completely until Grish’rum, Paladin of the Platinum Dragon, laid his judgment upon the corrupt Darvon. Once jailed away and stripped of his cursed blade, Darvon was held in a sickening withdrawal. It was in his cell when a spirit in the same form as the girl he can recall in his memory came to him and untied his twisted thoughts. The spirit revealed to him the true nature of his clan; they were warlocks of a deity not so different from Bahaumut. The spirit bestowed Darvon the forgotten teachings of his people but there was still the influence of the sword that lingered inside him. Destroying it wasn’t going to be enough.

Once the evil blade had been destroyed by the help of his companions, they ventured out to a mountain summit where the orc shaman, Golgresh, claimed would be a sacred place where Darvon could extract the swords evil trapped inside him and cleanse himself from it entirely. Upon reaching the top, Darvon entered the cave alone to face his old self while his friends struggled outside with a red dragon. Darvon prevailed with his newfound warlock powers and forever expelled the corruption that nearly enslaved his mind. On their way back to Shadowgate, a being of immense evil appeared before them. It was a Bone Devil and the true mastermind behind all the misfortunes occurring around Shadowgate. It was also he that planted the corrupted sword in the cave and was extremely disappointed at Darvon breaking free from it’s clutches.

Darvon, grateful for the help of his friends, aided them in gathering forces to fight against the growing gnoll army and played his part in slaying the Gnoll Queen at the Battle of Shadowgate. Now heroes of the town, Gebble received knowledge of his birth town Wendon being attacked by trolls and so they headed off to give what help they could. Now with full knowledge of what his clan was, Darvon began to lose himself in thought of it’s entirety.

After playing his part in the semi-victory at Wendon, Darvon embarked back to Shadowgate with the Kobold Paladin, Meepo and the druid, Nhara to begin his investigation on his past while his other companions ventured to rescue the unfortunate souls of Gebble and Zoot. At this time, Darvon has helped Meepo establish a living settlement among the residents of Shadowgate and is now off on his own adventure. None know where he may be at this point.


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