Elf wizard


Upon gaining the book The Black Grimoire of Doom, Erzulie’s memory was wiped so that she doesn’t even know who she is. She runs into Juno and agrees to help him in return for helping figure out who she is and her past.

Erzulie and Juno meet up with Grishum and Archim. After the encouter at the Earthen Tower, Erzulie feels that she knows Archim from somewhere in her past. It turns out that Archim is actually Erzulie’s brother. Archim and Erzulie haven’t seen each other since they were small chilren.

While talking to the Guardians of the Air Crystal, two memories are restored. She learns that her name is Erzulie and what she was doing right before she recieved and opened the The Black Grimoire of Doom.

Once the crystal was retrieved she becomes the Guardian of the Air Crystal.

While camped out waiting to get back to Thear Lochs, she gets another memory from the crystal. She remembers being taken away by a tall man (seemingly to her given that she was only two or three) in a long black cloak.


Thear Lochs Erzulie