"It is good."


Orc Shaman – High Seer of the Hellpuncher Tribe.


Sifu's favorite student, Gol'gresh was always the proud and wise protoge to the clans oldest and well regarded Far Seer. The spirit journey of Gol'gresh has led him through many trials and sacrifices (Gol'gresh sacrificed his vessel to pull the Lizardfolk into the demon war). During this phase of his journey, he was reborn and infused with Sifu's energy and became a bastion of physical perfection to destroy The Gnoll Queen and save Shadowgate. Though The Battle of Shadowgate ended in victory, the Hellpuncher Clan was descimated and suffered great loss. The High Chief was slain in battle and Sifu was mortally wounded saving Buunk. As Gol'gresh sat at Sifu's side during his last moments, the Spirit of the Wolf was expelled and infused into Gol'gresh permanently. The new chieftain Huh’lekkand Gol'gresh have the daunting task of rebuilding the clan. 

Grishrum and Gebble are considered eternal allies


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